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A simple garage door malfunction isn’t only a matter of convenience. It is also a matter of home security – a bad garage door is a major vulnerability in your house security system that you may have spent thousands of dollars on.

With that in mind, calling a pro the moment you come across an issue in your garage door is a must.

Well, if you happen to be looking for garage door repair services near Sterling Heights, MI, then we are ready to help you no matter the time of day and the day of the week!

We believe in quality, durable design and eye catching style.

Reasons Why Your Garage Door May Not Work

Garage doors stop working for a variety of reasons, but the most common reasons are as follows:

  1. Something is blocking the door’s path.
  2. The garage door limit settings are all wrong.
  3. Your garage door tracks are misaligned.
  4. The door’s tension springs or cables are broken.
  5. The batteries of the transmitter are dead.
  6. You may have a broken remote, or wall switch, or both.
  7. Your garage door opener’s motor may have worn out.
  8. The garage door’s photo eye sensor may be dirty or out of alignment.

There may be many other things wrong with your door, but mostly, garage door issues revolve around these 8 reasons.

You Can Fix Garage Door Issues DIY – But Should You?

Probably most issues with garage doors are rather simple and can be treated for not too much money. If you have the tools and knowledge, you may even be able to DIY your way out of the issue!

However, in some cases, you won’t be able to get your garage door up and running without professional help.

Garage Door Issues DIY

It’s perhaps a good idea to try to do a few simple checks and fixes to hopefully bring your garage back in order. This would be the best-case scenario since you wouldn’t have to spend money on professional assistance!

DIY repairs are a double-edged sword though – they may work well and save you money, but they could also do things the other way around. If you accidentally break something, then you will have no other choice than to call a repairman – a thing you could’ve done in the first place to avoid risk and extra costs.

Another good reason to call a professional is time savings. If you have a busy schedule and little to no time to dedicate to DIY repairs, then you can shift the burden to someone else – for example, us.

Now, everybody has to decide for themselves whether they truly need to pay a pro, but in our humble opinion, it’s never a bad idea to address a certified technician. A good technician, that is.

If you are working with a good contractor, then you can be sure that the job will be spot-on. Even if something does go wrong, then they will be happy to provide replacements or polish the door to get it up and running!

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We deliver all kinds of garage door service, Some of our dependable services given below.

Why Choose Us?

If you aren’t quite sure about hiring us for your next garage door repair project, here are a couple of benefits that you will access with our service!


Over 5 years of experience

With over 5 years of experience in the industry, we know our way around garage doors. Our repairmen are nearly impossible to catch off guard – they’ve tackled a wide array of garage door issues over the years and are masters of their craft! So nothing build without creativity and cool finishing.

Competitive Prices

Competitive Prices

We offer competitive prices in the Sterling Heights, MI area.Our prices aren’t dirt cheap, so you can be sure that you aren’t working with qualified workers who’ll do a subpar job. On the other hand, our fees aren’t too hefty too, so you won’t have to dig too deep into your pocket to get a garage door set up or restore that brand-new shine and operation in your existing garage door!

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Licensed & Skilled

Licensed & Skilled

Our garage door repairmen and installers are licensed and regularly undergo training to ensure that they are up to date with the latest trends in the industry. No matter how skilled a worker may be, they might start losing their workmanship unbeknownst to them. We work very hard to ensure that tomorrow, our technicians do their job as brilliantly as they are doing it now or did 5 years ago!

Free Estimates

Free Estimates

To ensure transparency, we provide free estimates to let you know approximately how much budget you will have to dedicate to your garage door repair or installation project. For an accurate estimate, we will send a technician to inspect your current garage door setup. With an on-site examination, we will be able to provide you with a more precise estimate than if we were to consult you via phone.

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Frequently Asked Questions From Our Callers

Wood and steel garage doors have their distinct pros and cons, and we can’t say that one material is clearly better than the other.

If you are looking for longevity, then a steel garage door would be the way to go. Steel is structurally stronger than wood, and it also isn’t sensitive to humidity and temperature. Steel may rust if unprotected though, as well as will develop visible dents from impact.

Steel garage doors are easier to install because they are lighter, which leads to reduced costs compared to wood garage doors.

For a 7 x 8 feet steel door, expect to pay around $700-$1,200, depending on your current door setup and the selected door model. For a wood door of the same size, you’d probably have to pay $1,400-$2,000.

Wood doors are valued for their aesthetic. They undoubtedly look much better than steel doors, especially when their style is matched to the style of your property. Often custom-made, wood doors can also be easily fit to unique needs and preferences.

On the other hand, wood garage doors require maintenance, including sanding, staining, and painting once every few years. Termites or moisture can also severely damage wooden doors from within without any external sign.

For safety, wooden doors are usually paired with electric garage door openers, which is one of the factors that drive the costs of garage door installation up.

If we are talking about a brand-new door with a door opener, then expect to pay over $500-$800, depending on the garage door model, material, and some other factors that we will discuss with you once you get in touch with us.

Note that this figure excludes the removal of an old door, which may cost as much as $200.

If you just want to upgrade a manual garage door to automatic, then the costs will range from $200 to $700. The actual costs largely depend on the model of the garage door opener – particularly, on its type and horsepower.

We think that a garage door opener is a worthwhile investment. Its installation can be costly, but in the end, you’ll gain access to a number of nice benefits:

  • You won’t have to open or close your garage door manually – all this will be done with a push of a button. This could be especially useful for senior users or those with health conditions.
  • A garage door opener will ensure that the door will not suddenly crash down on you while you are working.
  • Many garage door openers have automatic closing, meaning that you don’t have to press any buttons for the garage door to close after you leave or come back home. Smart-enabled models even allow you to check on the door’s status and control it remotely – very important if you tend to forget to close your garage!
  • Garage door openers typically have integrated lights, allowing for additional convenience while you are working on your car.

No matter what your needs are, strongly consider either installing a garage door opener for your existing door or switching to electric garage doors. You’ll at least get convenience, which we think is worth the money alone.

This depends on your needs and budget.To help you choose, here are the benefits of double garage doors:

  • 2-door garage doors offer more space. With double doors, you can easily fit 3 vehicles in your garage. Besides, storing boats, riding mowers, or other large pieces of equipment in double-door garages is easier.
  • Double garage doors are more affordable. This is because you need to install only one motor and two tracks for your doors. With two single garage doors, you’d have to purchase and install garage door openers separately.

On the other hand, here are the benefits of two single garage door setups:

  • If one door goes out, you’ll still have access to your garage. Since single doors have separate motors, if one goes out, you will be able to temporarily access your garage via the working door.
  • During blackouts, single doors are easier to open. You can fairly easily lift a single door manually when the power is out. A double door would probably be too heavy for most people.

Based on these points, you should be able to pretty easily make the right choice. If you still aren’t sure, get in touch with us – we can provide you with an optimal solution based on our needs.

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