Garage Door Springs Buying Guide

Garage Door Springs Buying Guide

Garage door spring is the weight of your garage door. Garage Spring Doors are undoubtedly one of the most important features in a garage door which is commonly not known by many people. But the importance that it holds in terms of lifting and down a garage is undeniable. Hence, it is always a good idea to read articles like this to get some in-depth information that will guide in the future for buying a Garage door spring. Garage door springs come in different shapes and sizes but the thing which varies in terms of buying them is the weight of the garage door.

How many types of Garage Door Springs are there?

To buy garage door springs, you would need to understand the types of garage door springs. There are two major types of garage door springs. Which are Extension Springs and Torsion springs? Each of the springs has its function and works differently. For you to buy the right one you would need to understand its mechanisms.

Torsion Springs: 

These springs are known to be stiff and are often attached to the metal rod that runs the panels of the garage door. Torsion Springs stores energy and as you keep on closing the garage door, the energy releases by rotating and twisting the springs.

Extension Springs:

These are lightweight, long springs that pass perpendicular to the garage door. And springs of this sort are called Extension Springs. Unlike, Torsion Springs, these springs are generally placed horizontally on the door frames. The extension springs are positioned between these tracks and the roof of your house. Sometimes, these springs retain sufficient energy by stretching as the door closes and then releasing when the door opens.

Which Garage Spring Door would be suitable for you?

Well, this question can come off, but it is very easy to determine if you follow a few simple steps and tips. For now, we have discussed the two major types of garage door springs. You are now a step ahead of buying the right Garage Door Springs for your Garage door.

Go through the following list and you shall be able to understand more in-depth.

Measuring the wire size: 

This is the number one rule when buying a garage door spring. You need to measure the length and duration of ten to twenty coils of the individual spring which need to be removed and equate this calculation to the wire scale measuring charts to evaluate the proper dimension of the cable.

Measure the garage door:

As mentioned earlier, garage door springs vary a lot on the weight of the garage door. If you do not measure the size of the garage door, you may end up buying the wrong springs for your door. Below is another list that will help you determine which type of spring is helpful for you.

Color Coding and Weight

Generally, there is color coding in terms of buying a Garage Door Spring. The weight of the springs depends on the four different colors it contains. The four colors are yellow, green, purple, and green. These springs weigh starting from 120 pounds to 180 pounds. The ends of the springs are colored in either green, yellow, purple, or blue.

  • Green Spring: The Green spring indicates the lightest of all in terms of weight. It can be used for doors that are of 52 to 56 kgs.
  • Blue Spring: The blue one is an indication of the second lightest. These springs can be used for doors that are 61 to 65 kg.
  • Purple Springs: These are a bit on the heavier side. The purple color indicates somewhat heavy sized springs. These are ideal for doors that are pf 70 to 74 kgs.
  • Yellow or Orange Springs: Generally, people get very confused with this color coding, but whichever brand that is serving either yellow or orange colored springs you need to know that these are the heaviest of its kinds. These springs are very useful for heavy and big garage doors which are of 79 to 84 kg.

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Final Step of Garage Door Springs Buying Guide

This article was all about garage door springs buying guide which will help you to choose the right sized door springs. If you still happen to have a problem with your garage door springs then you can give us a quick call and we will be right at your door to fix it.

We have been professionals in terms of garage door repair Sterling Heights MI. But above all of that, if you happen to have a new garage and you want to buy a new garage door springs then this information can come a lot handy for you. Garage door springs are just as important as the garage door itself so buying the right one is a necessity for you.

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