When Should a Garage Door Be Repaired?

When Should a Garage Door Springs Be Repaired

If you have clicked on this page then there must be an ongoing problem with your garage door springs. The thing which you need to make sure about your garage door is whether it is running smoothly or not. A lot of factors fall under this category and often times this subject isn’t openly discussed. So what could be the reason for your garage door not running smoothly? Let’s discuss a few possible reasons and what you can do to determine whether should you replace, repair, or completely change your garage door.

Signs and Indication for a damaged garage door spring

There are a lot of possibilities and signs that your garage door is damaged and needs a replacement. It is very important you give this an analysis because it can be very dangerous to use a garage door that is damaged. Inspection is always important because you don’t know When Should a Garage Door Be Repaired? Security check is needed whether your springs are damaged or a monthly check-up causes no harm rather helps you taking precautionary steps.

A lot of people own garages and forget to keep an eye out of their garage doors and not to mention the Door springs as well. This can often come off as a life taking risk. As if the shutters or garage doors fall into a person’s body, he or she may have an injury for life. And in rear cases for children and animals, it can cause death.

Check the balance: 

This is the number one factor that you need to make sure. Checking for the balance is very important because having an unbalanced can lead to a lot of injuries. Hence, testing your garage door is a crucial step in order to determine whether your garage door springs are good or not. To test this, you need to lift up the shutters and see if they can reach the top without much interference. If your garage door hesitates to lift up and down then you must know there is a serious issue going on with the springs itself.

Check the springs itself:

The most obvious indication for checking whether your springs are not is to identify the springs itself. You need to look for the sign for the signs of wear or damage on the springs. If your springs are visibly worn out then that means you would need to replace your springs.

Loss of tension between the springs: 

This is another sign that you need to change your springs. Usually, garage doors that are over 3 to 4 years or older may lose tension as time goes by. This could get worse with time and may quickly result in loss of balance. As mentioned earlier loss of balance would cause a lot of injuries. Therefore, each of the factors is inclined to one another. To inspect your springs have lost tension, you need to take a look at the springs and see if the coils have been elongated or stretched out.

Separation of the springs:

If the springs seem to get separated then this is one of the deadliest reminders that you need a replacement in terms of your Garage Door Springs. So always make sure to make a routine for your Garage Door Spring Maintenance.  

So what could be done?

Well, now that you’ve inspected every little piece of evidence that could indicate your Garage door spring is damaged and the results turn out that, you sure do have a damaged spring. Now, what would you do? 

Well, if you have knowledge about how door springs work and how to replace them then all you need is a Garage Door Spring buying guide. It would help you determine what type of garage spring you would be needing to know exactly to find the right garage door spring.


Now, on the other side of the spectrum if you’re not a professional and you are very concerned about your garage door then there is a lot of light left for you. Do not panic. All you need to do is take some professional help. If you happen to have a damaged door then give us a call we have been experts in Garage Door Service Sterling Heights MI.

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